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                香港美洛斯实 沒有什么不可能业有限公司


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                Melors (HK) Industry Co., Limited under factory “Huizhou Melors Plastic Products Factory” is a professional manufacturer specializing in non-ammonia, odorless, Eco-friendly & FORMAMIDE EVA foam toys/mats. Factory was located in Huizhou City, Guangdong Province, China.

                Our product range covers Educational foam blocks, EVA Puzzle Mat/Games,EVA Creative-crafts sheets, Aquatic, EVA Bath toys, Printing items, Foam Sport fitness and Yoga Blocks. Customer’s OEM Designs are welcome!

                All our products have passed EN 71, CPSIA, ASTM, Phthalates, Total Lead, Total Cadmium and FORMAMIDE free certification.

                They are now very popular in USA, Europeans, Asian and others areas…

                Our factory is outfitted with advanced equipment such as die cut machines, punching machines and assorted color machines.

                This helps us can achieve an annual production of more than 40 million pieces.

                Our Sales Term has over 10 years experience for Foam exporting, we well... [详细介绍]