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Professionally Designed Home Staging Forms & Home Staging Checklists

So many people have asked me for home staging forms and checklists...and now I'm offering them to you as a free gift to help you get started.

These home staging business forms and checklists will take you through the every step of the home staging process in a logical, easy to follow sequence.

I spent many hours creating these home staging forms (and let me tell you, it was tedious work!) and then I had a professional designer polish them up for you and they look fantastic!

Why re-invent the wheel?

Don't spend hours bored to tears creating home staging forms and checklists - just use ours. You'll receive:

*Home Staging Proposal Form
*Home Staging Business Checklist #1- home staging step-by-step
*Home Staging Report
*Home Staging Business Worksheet (11 pages)
*Agent Contact Data Form (keep track of all those agents you'll be talking to)
*Homeowner Survey Form
*Home Staging Checklist #2 (guides you through all the staging techniques for every room in the home)
*Home Staging Checklist #3 - Home Staging Tools
*Home Staging Business Mileage Form

Our home staging forms are free with our professional home staging course, or you can purchase them separately for only $29.





Interested in becoming a professional home stager?

Home staging may be the perfect business for you if you're creative, good at multi-tasking (show us a woman that isn't!), love decorating, design, and real estate, and like the idea of working independently and creating your own schedule.

Read more about becoming a home staging with our home staging course. We also offer home staging certification once you've take our home staging business course.






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