Home Staging Course

Home Staging is still one of the best recession-proof businesses you can start today…

5 Reasons Why You Should Start A Home Staging Business Right Now:

1. Home stagers are needed no matter what the real estate market is doing. Home staging is in demand during good times and bad.

2. You can start a home staging business for $250 or less.

3. Home staging pays well and requires no formal degree or certification. While certification is not required, we do offer you the opportunity to become a certified home stager.

4. Home staging taps into your creativity.

5. Set your own hours – need I say more?

Hi, this is Jackie Riley. I am so glad you found my site, because I’m writing to you today from the heart, directly and honestly, about how to become a highly paid home staging professional.

Here’s a true story:

Not long ago, one of my home staging course readers, who I’ll call Amy*, came to me with a confession.

Amy had spent thousands on a home staging seminar, yet when she finished the seminar she realized she still had no idea how to actually start a home staging business.

Amy confessed that the home staging seminar had left her poorly prepared to start her home staging business, and she was disappointed that she’d spent so much money on it.

She ended up using my program to give her the tools she needed – the tools that the home staging seminar hadn’t provided: business basics, marketing, networking with real estate agents and homeowners, handling clients, setting fees, and efficiently coordinating the entire project.

I really feel bad hearing about people spending hard-earned money on something that just doesn’t deliver. Luckily, Amy ended up getting her home staging business off to a great start with my help – and she was truly grateful.

In fact, I’m proud to say that my home staging course has been called a “road map” to a successful home staging business! That’s a great compliment.

The fact is, there are scores of home staging programs available to you. Some are good, some are so-so, but are any of them really worth the thousands of dollars they are charging?

From my research, I’ve found home staging courses that consist of group telephone calls, web-based training known as a ‘webinar’, e-books, print books, CD’s, and weekend seminars.

The home staging training business has become very competitive recently, with new home staging courses popping up all over the web every day.

But who are these people selling expensive home staging courses? And why should you pay for more than you really need?

Just so you know who I am, I’m a home staging expert with a solid track record of staging homes that receive multiple offers and sell for top prices. I’ve been teaching home staging since 2005, back when there were only a couple of home staging courses.

Thank you so much!! You have so much valuable information we couldn’t believe it! You seem to have made everything so easy. We can’t wait to get started. Thank you again for your quick response and great product!
Lori and Christine

My home staging course worked then and still works now – and it isn’t fancy, there are no webinars in my program, no seminars, no group phone calls or memberships to maintain. Simply stated…

My home staging course is an effective, expert guide that will show you how to become a respected home staging professional with your own lucrative home staging business and the freedom to set your own hours…

It only costs $59 for my home staging course ebook that you can start reading in just a few minutes. I offer a one year guarantee to make sure you’re totally happy with your purchase. Is there another home staging course that offers such a low price and long-term guarantee? I don’t think so.

In addition, and this is what I thing truly sets my course apart from the others: I will be here to help you if you ever have questions, anytime, ever! If you ever have a situation with a client that you need help with, or want me to take a look at your new website, or have a question about paint colors… I’m right here.

Thank you so much for your time. We have gained so much from your eBook.
We feel more confident in our abilities, and are grateful for your help.
Julie Bertarelli
Bella Casa Design

You see, I’m not in it for the money and I see no reason to try to convince you that you need to spend thousands on home staging training when you really don’t. My passion is helping people like you accomplish their goal of becoming a professional home stager.

Because it will be life-changing. This is the doorway to a new lifestyle, and soon, with my help…

You Can Soon Be Running Your Own Dream Business!

Hi Jackie!
I honestly can’t believe I am doing this! It is a dream come true that I can get up and decorate all day and have the freedom I didn’t have with traditional ID work to be creative and do whatever I want to with the rooms! It is great!

Thanks Jackie!!

It sounds corny, but it’s true. Instead of wondering about it, you can actually be the owner of a successful home staging business that allows you freedom and a less hectic lifestyle.

You can actually work less and make more money, which means you’ll have more time leftover to spend however you want to spend it: family time, travel, hobbies, volunteer activities, you name it.

The Straight Truth About Becoming A Home Stager:

You don’t have to spend thousands of dollars on home staging training. You don’t have to be a member of any national home staging organizations. Home staging is local, so your networking should be locally focused. I’ll show you how to do it.

You can do hands-on staging or you can only do consultations – it’s totally up to you. I’ll show you how to make money both ways.

Hi Jackie,
My name is Karen and I purchased your book. It was everything I thought it would be.
I purchased two other books prior to yours and they were informative , but not on the business end of home staging as yours is…
I am starting two rooms in my home to get before and after photos. I am so excited.
This business is perfect for me. I’ve have been interested in decorating for a while and I am also an entrepreneur.
Thank you so much for giving this information out at a reasonable price. It is so worth the money.
Karen R.

Home Staging Is A Great Business! Just Look At The Numbers…

Take a look at these home staging business fees:

$100/hour or more for home staging consultation only (some home staging companies charge a 2 hour minimum)
$500 and up for a full day of home staging
$250 and up for a half day of home staging

Home Staging Success Is The Easier, More Affordable Way To Become A Professional Home Stager!

I’ll show you:

  • How to easily get your first home staging client.
  • 31 ways to boost the curb appeal of any house – agents will ring your phone off the hook!
  • 32 essential changes for every room in a home to maximize buyer interest.
  • All about licenses, insurance, and operating as a home staging business.
  • How to look and act like a true home staging professional. This is an image business and I’ll show you how to be a polished and confident home staging expert.
  • What to do when you get a home staging job – you got a client, now what? Don’t panic, I’m going to walk you through all of it.
  • What to do and say when you meet your client – how to glide through meetings like a seasoned pro.
  • The marketing weapon that’s even more potent than before & after photos of your staged homes.
  • Step-by-step instructions to get your home staging business to thrive!
  • I’ll also give you the marketing tactic that only the most savvy marketers are currently using – it works great for home staging!

Free Gift: Sign Up Now And You’ll Also Receive Our Professionally Designed Home Staging Forms & Home Staging Checklists.

So many people have asked me for home staging forms and checklists…and now I’m offering them to you as a free gift to help you get started.These home staging business forms will take you through the every step of the home staging process.I spent many hours creating these home staging forms (and let me tell you, it was tedious work!) then I had a professional designer polish them up for you and they look fantastic!

Why re-invent the wheel?

Don’t spend hours bored to tears creating home staging forms and checklists – just use mine. You’ll receive:

*Home Staging Proposal Form
*Home Staging Business Checklist #1- home staging step-by-step
*Home Staging Report
*Home Staging Business Worksheet (11 pages)
*Agent Contact Data Form (keep track of all those agents you’ll be talking to)
*Homeowner Survey Form
*Home Staging Checklist #2 (guides you through all the staging techniques for every room in the home)
*Home Staging Checklist #3 – Home Staging Tools
*Home Staging Business Mileage Form

Home Staging Success Is Simply The Best Home Staging Training With Free Ongoing Support

I care about you and your success as a home stager and for that reason, I offer free ongoing help, support, and feedback via e-mail for as long as you want it. I don’t know another home staging course that offers that benefit.

I also offer a 365 Day Guarantee to make sure you’re totally happy with your purchase. Yes, you have a full year to decide!

Other programs will cost you $800 or more. Eight hundred dollars is a lot of money.
That’s $741 more than it takes to learn the home staging business with Home Staging Success. There is simply no need to spend that much money. One thing I really hate is wasting money!
You’ll receive all of my essential home staging business information for an unheard of price. It’s an absolute steal for the value you will receive…if I do say so myself 🙂

Get started today:

Dear Jackie,
Well I did it!  Did my presentation this Morn. at 8:30 am…
When I returned home a couple hours later, I had messages from two of the realtors. One to do an historic house that is scheduled for an open house this weekend, and the homeowners just aren’t getting it ready. Also she has a rental house she wants me to work on.
The other one gave my homeowners version to a client, she left his name and said that he will be calling me tomorrow. Thanks for everything Jackie
North Bend, Oregon

You don’t have to spend all that time and thousands of dollars on a weekend staging training seminar.

You’ll receive free one-on-one email based support for as long as you need it. Other home staging trainers will charge you hundreds for this, if they even offer personal attention.

You get to have your web site, before and after photos, and marketing copy reviewed for free by a top home staging expert – me!

You have 365 days to try my home staging program, and if you don’t like it just request a refund. No hard feelings.

You can start with any level of home staging experience – so whether you’ve staged homes before or have no experience at all – you’ll gain useful knowledge and savvy marketing tips from my course, plus the step-by-step home staging instructions to do a superb job.

Have a great day!