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You can make any house 100% more desirable to buyers just by following our home staging tutorials. As you know, home staging is the way to boost a home’s asking price and reduce time spent sitting on the market. Home staging creates an environment that buyers love. A common misconception is that home staging is all about decorating: just drape a chenille throw over the sofa, add some throw pillows, scented candles, and miscellaneous knick-knacks from the designer discounts big box store, and viola! The home is staged.

Home staging is not that simple. Yes, it is about decorating to some extent. Home stagers have to know how to create an appealing setting without being too specific to a particular style or taste. Home stagers also have to have some tricks up their sleeve when it comes to making a place feel more spacious, because buyers of course want space.

But the real reason home staging is so effective is deeper than decor. A home stager needs to understand what buyers are looking for on a psychological level and be able to present them with exactly what they want.

That is why home staging is so fascinating! And not all home stagers really get it. I’ve been in staged homes that had the most glaringly obvious mistakes made… simply because the home stager did not have an understanding of home staging on a deeper, more important level than just candles and pillows.

My home staging course will show you how to stage the right way.

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